„Aesthetically, the design of these future products will be utilitarian, organic, reduced, soft, puristic, poetic, modular and nomadic.“ (Werner Aisslinger)

cimcima. comprehends design as a communicative process, as a dialogue between object and human being guided by individual needs.

We aim to fill spaces with vivid and dynamic aesthetic, focusing on the hybrid character of our design objects.

Reducing to the essential and through the clever design we are creating beautiful and useful objects whose way of using is continuously designable instead of being definitively predetermined. An emotional experience is created transcending function or aesthetic – permitting specific identities to emerge in the private context.

Adapting to social transformation through rethinking function and use while employing new technologies is fundamental for our design process.

Getting to the point… the light series “the .ito issue” combines several characteristics of a usual lamp with a multitude of additional benefit. For instance the .ito pibe is on one hand a purist table, wall or clamping light on the other hand it is a book holder or a shelve. From the aesthetic perspective it is everything you want to make of it. The .ito issue is more than a conventional lamp – it is a light – and a design object which is designed to serve your personal needs and imagination by being alterable.

Made in Berlin

cimcima. engages in a close collaboration with workshops run by handicapped people, smaller businesses and freelancer in the area of Berlin.

All our products are still handmade in Berlin.


Simon Junge is a product designer and architect. He studied at the Hamburg University of Fine Arts and the Berlin University of the Arts and graduated in 2008 with a degree in architecture.

He has worked in renowned agencies such as the Hamburg office lighting design by Ulrike Brandi Licht and for the architect studio Enric Miralles/Benedetta Tagliabue in Barcelona. From 2008 to 2010 he established a new branch office for the German architectural company Peter Werner Schmidt in Buenos Aires.

Since 2010 he has lived and worked in Berlin as a freelance designer, architect and lighting designer and founded the design label cimcima. in 2012. (Portrait)